Bus link from central Eltham to North Greenwich

Clive Efford is campaigning for express bus links from central Eltham to the Underground at North Greenwich. “North Greenwich station is becoming an important transport hub for this part of London. I only wish that Transport for London would recognise this fact and improve the bus services to make it easier for people from Eltham to get to the underground station.”

It takes over 45 minutes at peak times from central Eltham which means that many people are prevented from using London Transport for their journey to work. “This is unacceptable and really shows how Transport for London has ignored the needs of this part of London” explained Clive.“As the development of the Thames Gateway area progresses, demand for swifter links with the Jubilee line services will grow and TfL need to realise this. I have been urging them to plan ahead for this need, but they have failed to do so.”

Clive adds, “We do not benefit directly from being close to the underground in this part of London and TfL should also recognise this fact when they are allocating resources for new bus services.”


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