Clive gives evidence against GAA playing field development to planning inquiry

Clive Efford gave evidence to a planning inquiry into the future of the Gaelic Athletic Association playing fields in New Eltham. He stressed that allowing the site to be redesignated to allow it to be built on would set a terrible precedent.

The site has been allowed to become derelict by the GAA for the last 15 years. The GAA has now teamed up with a developer to ask for the site to be redisignated to allow them to build houses on it. Greenwich Council refused to allow this to happen and now the developers are appealing to a planning inquiry.

Clive told the inquiry that if they allowed the site to be redesignated then they would be giving a green light to other owners of playing fields to let them become derelict for a number of years before making huge profits by getting permission to develop them.

Clive is pictured on the right talking to a local resident outside the inquiry and with other residents protesting earlier in the year.

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