Victory over Avery Hill GAA ground

“A victory for local democracy,” was Clive Efford’s reaction to the news that local people had won the final battle to prevent developers building on the former Gaelic Sports Ground in Avery Hill Road.

Clive added, “This decision will send a powerful message to would-be developers with their greedy eyes on other green field sites in Eltham that there is no point in even trying.”

Clive is calling for the owners to make plans to bring the site back into use for sport.

The decision to allow the development was taken by a planning inspector, but was overturned by the government. “I am delighted that the government came down on the side of local people and the defence of our open spaces.” Clive says, “I am proud to have been able to help my constituents achieve this land mark victory in favour of retaining our sports heritage.”

The Gaelic Sports Ground has been derelict for over 15 years and there have been several attempts by the owners to build on it. Clive adds, “There are many local not-for-profit sports organisations in the area looking for places where they can play their games. They should get in touch with me and I will make sure that the owners can never again claim that their site is surplus to requirements. I would also like to see swift action taken to get the Bards Hill sports ground back in use.”

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