Clive celebrates Council decision to refuse yellow Box

Clive Efford has welcomed the decision by Greenwich Council to turn down an application from Yellow Box to put one of their self-storage warehouses on the old World of Leather site at Cliftons Roundabout.

“This is a completely unsuitable location for a development like this”, Clive explained. “The site is located in an overwhelmingly residential area, and this development would offer little to the local community except increased traffic levels. There are very few jobs associated with this development as it is fully automated. It will bring no benefit for the local community. The roundabout is one of the key milestones entering Eltham and to have one of these units located there would have been detrimental to the area.”

Clive warned that the issue might not have gone away for good. “This company has a record of making application after application for the same site. This type of development belongs on an industrial site not one of the gateways to our borough. Yellow Box should go away and find a more suitable site for their unit.”

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