Harriet Harman visits Storkway

The leader of the House of Commons today visited the Storkway Children’s centre on the Page Estate.

Hariret talked to a mother who had an eight and eleven year old sons who has just got a degree from university. She put this entirely down to the presence of Storkway which gave her access to courses and crèche. She is now looking to do a PGCE and become a teacher.

“Every parent we spoke to, whether mother or father, had a tale to tell about how the Storkway had helped them.” Harrriet said.

Clive explained why he felt children centres are so important: “Children Centres like the Storkway have made services, that before were accessed only by those who could afford them, available to ordinary working families on moderate or low incomes. This has enebled them to go on to gain qualifications and follow careers that otherwise would not be open to them.”

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