Clive calls for limited re-introduction of contra flow during Blackwall Tunnel repairs

Clive has asked Boris Johnson to look again at re-introducing the contraflow in the evenings when the Blackwall Tunnel is closed northbound each evening at 9.00pm. Clive is suggesting a 20mph speed limit or lower – enforced by cameras and other measures that would ensure that vehicles do not go above these speed levels”.

Clive explained his ideas “It must be possible to find measures to satisfy the police concern about safety whilst at the same time opening the tunnel up for local traffic. If the Rotherhithe Tunnel is considered safe we must be able to introduce measures in the Blackwall tunnel to make it safe for two-way traffic to use it under these strict rules. We are not talking about a temporary arrangement here. The work on the tunnel is going to go continue for at least three years so investing in these measures will be cost effective. There will still be delays but it would reduce the very long detour that people are currently forced to undertake via Dartford or the Rotherhithe Tunnel.”

“I understand the safety concerns that led the police to insist on removing the contra flow during the morning peak times, but this suggestion will operate when traffic levels are much lower and speeds can be reduced to make it much safer. We should at least look at these options before we abandon people to these long journeys to get across the Thames.”

Clive has also revealed a serious lack of joined up thinking between the Mayor for London and the Highway’s Agency.

Clive has received complaints from local residents that when they have diverted to the Dartford crossing in the evening, the slip road for the A2 towards London is closed. They were forced to go towards Bluewater and then return via the A2 from there. Clive is demanding that the TfL and the Highways Agency start communicating with one another and stop acting in silos.

Clive says, “Boris has made a big noise about road works inconveniencing people and stopping companies digging up the roads and causing delays, he could start by making sure he is working in tandem with the Highways Agency. What I want to know is whether they have spoken to one another?”

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