Avery Hill Walkabout Notes 23/05/2011

Notes taken on a walkabout on the Avery Hill Estate 23rd May 2011

Weeds corner of Restons and Alderwood

Whistlers Walk – new build – are there are plans to finish landscaping along path?

Greenhithe Close pavements broken

Radfield Way broken paving – looks like it could have been caused by heavy contractors’ vehicles

Swing Park between Thanington and Linsted – street lights not working

Concrete slab missing Ospringe

Thanington – paint on the end wall peeling – needs to be removed

Broken drain cover Thanington

Railings damaged at rear of Thanington – some sections are missing and need replacing

Land at rear of Thanington used for dumping – needs to be built on

Grass cutting rear of Restons

Residents want Wet Surface signs for them to put up while they clean the stairs

New flooring has been damaged and needs patching

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