Clive attends launch of BMX track

Clive along with other local representatives attended the launch of the Greenwich BMX track in Hornfair Park on September 9th 2011.

Opened as part of the BMX Legacy Project the track will provide a place for young people to get involved with a new sport. The BMX Legacy Project, launched by Access Sport with the support of British cycling, was set up to build 5 new community focused BMX clubs with 5 new BMX tracks in the Olympic boroughs. The aim of the project is to link this in with the Olympic Velopark that will be inherited by the Lee Valley Regional Park, this will allow young people to get involved with cycling in the Capital.

Clive said at the launch “The new BMX track is really impressive – I have no doubt that young people will get a lot out of this – this facility will be a lasting legacy, used long into the future, enabling young people to get into sport”.

For more details on the BMX legacy project visit

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