Olympic volleyball court comes to Samuel Montagu

Ever wondered what happened to the sand used in the 2012 Olympic beach volleyball competition at the iconic Horse Guards Parade?

Well a lot of it has been used to create a brand new beach volleyball court at Samuel Monatgu Youth Club. 

MP for Eltham, Clive Efford spoke about the developments at Samuel Montagu, ‘It is a fantastic set up here. We have boxing, table tennis and trampolining as well. We are very much into developing ourselves. We are trying to turn ourselves into a social enterprise in that we are trying to make ourselves financially sustainable. Our core function here is the youth service but aside from the sport we also have bees, chickens. We do everything here!

A representative from Volleyball England, added, ‘The world’s best beach volleyball players were playing on this a few weeks ago and here it is in your neighbourhood. This is a fantastic legacy, here to stay and it was through a partnership with LOCOG who donated the sand, Volleyball England and Sport England and the Samuel Montagu Youth Centre.  I would like to say well done to everyone involved’

To find out how you can access this piece of Olympic history contact Samuel Montagu Youth Club at 122 Broad Walk, Kidbrooke, London SE3 8ND, or call 020 8856 1126

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