Tiffin Cup 2013 – Clive launches search for the best south Asian restaurant in Eltham


Clive Efford has launched the search for the best Indian or South Asian restaurant in his constituency.

The Tiffin Cup, now in its eighth year, celebrates the best of South Asian cuisine and offers people an opportunity to celebrate the rich variety of flavours served in restaurants up and down the country.

Members of Parliament are asked to nominate the most popular South Asian restaurant in their constituencies – and Clive is asking for help from local residents.

tiffin cup 2013 logo

So if you’re keen on a korma, delight in a dhansak or love a lassi then this is a chance for you to choose your favourite local curry house.

Once the nominations are made across the country ten entrants will be short-listed and invited to a special cook-in at Bellamy’s Restaurant where the overall national winner will be found.

To nominate your favourite South Asian restaurant either email Clive at clive@cliveefford.org.uk or visit www.cliveefford.org.uk/tiffincup.

Nominations have to be in by March 28th, so hurry with the curry.

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