Save the Dutch House

The Dutch House pub in Sidcup Road is under threat from McDonalds who want to turn it into a drive through restaurant.

save the dutch house may 2013_0010

Clive has written to Greenwich Council’s planners asking that they oppose the application.

“We have lost too many of our local pubs and closing the Dutch House will rob the Horn Park estate and the surrounding community of one of the few amenities in the area that provide a focal point for local people.” said Clive.  “Planners have not respected the role of the local pub in the culture of our society and allowed too many of them to knocked down or changed into something else, whatever the future holds for this site there should be a local pub.”

“We cannot always bow down before these large powerful companies.  Planners now have considerable power to ensure that the community’s views are heard.

I have outlined three major concerns.  The first regards the effect a restaurant like McDonalds would have on people’s health.  The Council’s own policies state that preventative health measures are the most effective and this specifically includes improving  poor diets.  So allowing this application with Horn Park primary school only 500 metres from Horn Park Primary and with another 24hr drive through McDonalds at the Yorkshire Grey roundabout only 1,400 metres away, would seem to be in direct contravention of the Council’s own policies.”

“My second concern relates to the loss of a community amenity to the whole Horn Park Estate.

More and more national attention and debate is being devoted to recognising the vital role pubs play in community life, often providing services beyond the usual drinks, food or entertainment.

Given the already poor levels of community provision on the Horn Park Estate I can see no additional benefit from another McDonalds in this area at the loss of its last pub.”

“My third complaint relates to the additional traffic which will be generated by a drive through restaurant like this on an already congested junction like the Clifton’s roundabout.”

save the dutch house may 2013_0004

To see ITV’s coverage of this issue, click here.

One response to “Save the Dutch House

  1. Howard Kingsbury

    I’m with Clive Efford all the way. McD has already spoiled the Yorkshire Grey so don’t let them spoil this one as well.

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