Happy 65th Birthday to the NHS!

Eltham residents were queuing in Eltham High Street on Saturday morning to sign a card wishing the NHS a happy 65th Birthday.

Eltham MP Clive Efford who was in the High Street said: “It was very humbling to hear the accounts of people whose lives – or those of friends, families and loved ones – had been saved or immeasurably improved by the NHS, which for many of them had stood by them from birth.”

“But they were also there because they recognise that under this government the NHS is under threat now, more than it ever has been in the last 65 years.  Because this government is betraying our NHS both locally and nationally.”

happy 65th nhs

“The Tories were keen to be seen in the run up to the last election campaigning against A&E closures but as soon as the election was finished they abandoned promises to reopen the A&E at Queen Marys and then announced plans to close the A&E at Lewisham as well.   Before 2010, the Tories said they would not cut maternity provision but as soon as the votes had been counted, they announced plans to downgrade Lewisham Hospital’s maternity service which delivers 4,500 babies a year.  They promised not to impose any ‘top-down’ restructuring of the NHS in the run to the elections, but have now imposed the biggest structural changes in the history of the NHS.  They promised not to privatise the NHS, but we have seen new legislation imposing competition laws on the NHS which can only lead to privatisation on a massive scale not seen in our NHS before.”

“It is clear that we cannot trust David Cameron with the NHS.  Labour created the NHS back in 1948 and only Labour will protect and strengthen the NHS for the future.”

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