Halt the Privatisation of Our NHS – Online Petition #OneNHSBill

Clive Efford today launched a petition to put People Not Profits back at the Heart of our Healthcare System

The online petition is to show your support for Clive Efford’s Private Members Bill on 21 November to save our NHS before it’s too late.

You can sign the Labour party petition here: www.labour.org.uk/nhspetition and the Government e-petition here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/68064

Clive Efford MP says,

Please sign our petition to show your support for the NHS before it’s too late.

This Tory-led government has privatised our NHS in a way no-one wanted and no-one voted for.

Please sign our online petition today to show your local MP that they must now stand up for the NHS and halt its rapid privatisation before it’s too late. We must show those in power that our NHS must always be about people not profits.”

Andy Burnham, Shadow Health Minister in his Choice on the NHS speech today said,

“we … know that the threat to the NHS is real – and that it can’t wait for an Election.

That is why Labour is supporting a Private Member’s Bill – promoted by Clive Efford MP – to repeal the most noxious elements of the Cameron Health Act in this Parliament.

As part of Labour’s summer campaign on the NHS, we will work to build support behind this.

Before they face the public next year, Conservative and Lib Dem MPs have a chance to correct their mistake.”

Clive’s Bill will reverse Cameron’s devastating privatisation of our NHS by:

  • Restoring the central duty on the Secretary of State to provide National Health Services
  • Remove Cameron’s dangerous competition requirements
  • Curb the ability of NHS hospitals to provide private services
  • Remove the additional duties awarded to Monitor so there is no longer any conflict of interest
  • Repeal the S.75 competition regulations

Clive Efford says “A Labour Government will halt the privatisation of our NHS and put people not profits back at the heart of our health service.”

4 responses to “Halt the Privatisation of Our NHS – Online Petition #OneNHSBill

  1. Please save our NHS, leave it alone, it does not need privatisation now or in the future, fund it don’t waste it.

  2. I despair at the incompetence of this government and their total lack of common sense let alone expertise

  3. Our NHS is the only way to ensure that every one of us in the United Kingdom can rely on our future physical and mental health care to be as it was promised in1948.The overwhelming joy and relief was greeted wholeheartedly then. Don’t destroy this security that we all rely on at every stage of our lives,young and old.To give in to the greed of the Corporations at the cost of fragmenting a great NHS is an unforgivable act. Mr. Cameron said ‘The National Health Service was safe with him’. S.Pryce.

  4. Dr. Millicent M Bowerman

    The nation’s health depends on the NHS.

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