Clive organises New Eltham Walkabout

Clive recently held a walkabout in Eltham Town Centre with local residents who wanted to see improvements to the local environment  and council officers.  Below are some of the notes taken from the walkabout which have been sent to the Council.  Their response will be posted onto the website as soon as they are available.  Some points raised at the walkabout which involved specific private addresses have been deleted from this version to protect people’s confidentiality.

new eltham walkabout002

Salt bin near station at the junction of Footscray and Avery Hill Road needs repairing.

Town Centre is supposed to be swept by barrow daily – Monday to Friday. Another team empty bins and cleans around bus stops. Needs to be done better

Network Rail fence corner Avery Hill Road & Footscray Road is very overgrown.

Railings on station approach need replacing

A New Eltham village sign is needed

The Council’s Cleansweep has agreed to clear weeds at top of road and remove broken signs

Flats above shops – reminder letters will be sent to them explaining how they should dispose of waste bags. Currently they are being dumped on the streets every day and a long-term solution is required.

Trees outside shops – metal frames are very low and are a trip hazard and the framed areas are used as ash tray

356 Footscray Road, formerly Hungry Tums, is derelict– the windows are cracked causing a danger to pedestrians. Been empty for a long time. Other shops say that people have tried to rent it but owner refuses.

Lamppost at corner of Blanmerle Road damaged

Grant for communities and businesses and also some sort of forum for residents and business owners needed. Town Centre Manager Alison Harris will explore

Owners of shops want parking bay similar to outside Co-op. New paving has just been laid. The shops say they were not consulted and would have suggested short-term parking bays.

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