On walkabout in Avery Hill

These are the notes taken during my walkabout in Avery Hill Walkabout on 12th September 2014. Issues involving specific addresses have been removed from this version to protect people’s confidentiality.september 12 2014 2 september 12 2014

Location of Avery Hill Road crossing

  • Safety rail removed – unsafe
  • Gradient of slope at end of Avery Hill Road

Anstridge path – cycle route – when will work be done?

  • Fence at edge of pavement?

Corner of Croyde Close – people are parking too close to corner – needs yellow lines

The pavement has been built out outside the GP at 296 Avery Hill Road which has made it more difficult to turn in

Bus shelter outside 306/8 Avery Hill Road needs seating especially for the elderly

Concerns were raised about the safety of the Cycle Lane in Avery Hill Road after new parking bays were built over the lane

Shops – should be swept 2 x day

  • Dog fouling signs needed
  • Cars being sold by Avery Hill Road entrance

Dry cleaners – damp caused by leaks to flats above shop – tiles need replacing – told council would deal with it

Darland House – paint fence in front

Alderwood Road parking on grass – 17-35

Teynham House – entrance door too heavy for elderly residents

  • Tiles not replaced with cement and some are missing
  • Communal door to stairs not shutting on 2nd floor
  • Wiring hanging down throughout the building

Ospringe Court – 31-39 overflow leak

  • Door 21-30 not locking
  • Tiles being removed in every block but not to all the way up to the ceiling
  • Old cupboards are dangerous for young children now plaster has been cut back
  • 1-10 Hole with water leak in front of block
  • Lift shaft flooding
  • Thames Water need to check for leaks

Wayfield Link

  • Paving stones at rear entrance very Four dates given for repair to be done but contractor not arrived

Garages rear of Wayfield and Teynham due for development – contact Denise Hyland

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