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Number’s up: Clive takes part in MS challenge

Clive took part in the ‘Can you beat the MS lottery’ challenge at Labour party conference.The interactive challenge, which was designed by the MS Society, tests politicians’ knowledge of multiple sclerosis (MS) by asking them to match numbered lottery balls to a range of statements. MPs are called upon to guess on everything from the UK’s ranking amongst EU countries for access to MS treatments to how much money local councils are cutting from care budgets. Continue reading

Clive steps in to help Quaggy

Clive met with friends of Sutcliffe Park and Quaggy Waterways Action Group along with Environment Agency and council officers in Sutcliffe Park on Monday to discuss ways of improving the Quaggy as it flows though Sutcliffe Park. Continue reading

Clive speaks on Phone Hacking and criticises Boris Johnson for referring to the scandal as “Codswallop”

“I would like to say a lot, but we are constrained by time at the tail end of our discussion. Suffice it to say that I believe that the power of News International and many other media organisations, as many hon. Members have said, has distorted the way in which politicians and others in public life go about their daily business, but what is wrong is the fact that the ownership of our media is out of kilter. It should not just be an issue about BSkyB and whether News International increases its influence in it; it should be about whether News International is a fit and proper company and should be allowed to continue to hold sway over such a large part of our national media. Continue reading

How will London’s Transport Network cope during the Olympics?

This article was published in The House Magazine No. 1393, Vol 36. September 26th 2011, Pg. 111-112 Continue reading

Page Estate Walkabout Notes 09/09/2011

Continue reading