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Parliamentary Football team raises thousands for charities

Clive has been a member of the Parliamentary Football team since he was first elected. Over that time the team has raised many thousands of pounds for a variety of charities (see picture right from a charity game played at Wembley just beofre the ground closed for rebuilding). They have played against all kinds of sides ranging from the press to other national parliaments. Clive is a member of a group of parliamentarians travelling to Germany during the first weekend of the World Cup.

Clive says: “The UK Parliamentary team is travelling to Germany to play two football matches, raising at least £10,000 for two charities. The first game is against the German Regional Assembly (Hessische Landtag) in Frankfurt, on Friday. We will be inviting them to play a return match here in the UK.

The second game is against our old enemy, the press. The fixture against the journalists will be played for the National Grid Challenge Trophy and after the game the UK Parliamentary Football Club will present a cheque of £5000 to the Journalists’ nominated Charity and £5000 to the Geoff Thomas Leukaemia Appeal.

That evening we will watch the England v Paraguay match. The tickets for this are supplied by McDonalds, the official sponsors of the Football Association.

I have donated the value of my ticket to the charity Sport Relief and like every other member of the team I have paid for my own flights and hotel accommodation. McDonalds has tickets because they are the official sponsors of the Football Association. McDonalds had no means for us to purchase the tickets from them which is why I have donated the money to charity.

I have played in many matches of this kind and have played my part in raising thousands of pounds for charities. I am very lucky to have been given the privilege to do something that I enjoy, whilst at the same time raise money for some very important causes.

As a member of the football group in parliament I have had the opportunity, along with MPs from all parties, to meet with the FA, the Metropolitan Police and Sven Goran Eriksson to discuss issues relating to the World Cup. In these meetings MPs have raised concerns about the allocation of tickets to England fans, crowd security and ways of preventing known football hooligans from travelling.

In our meeting with Sven at the House of Commons I was able to say to him that this is probably the best squad of players since 1970 possibly even 1966. I think we have more strength in depth than at the last World Cup and I believe that with a little luck England can go all the way.”


See second picture (top) which shows the team plus manager Lawrie McMenemy presenting a cheque from match sponsors the National Grid to Stephanie Moore, Bobby Moore’s widow who set up the cancer charity the Bobby Moore Fund as a tribute to her late husband.

For more informatrion on the Bobby Moore Fund, click here

Network Rail fail to deal with pigeons in Birdbrook Road

Network Rail has failed to replace damaged netting on a rail bridge in Birdbrook Road despite complaints from Clive Efford and local residents. The netting is supposed to prevent pigeons from roosting under the bridge and causing a nuisance by fouling the footpath below.

However, the netting has become damaged and pigeons are getting through the net. Apart from fouling on the pavement, some pigeons become trapped in the netting and starve to death. The bodies are left to rot.

The issue was first raised at one of Clive’s walkabouts on the Page Estate in November. Whilst Network Rail have repaired netting on other bridges locally, the one in Birdbrook has remained untouched.

Clive will now refer the matter to the RSPCA as well as Network Rail.

Clive Efford collects teachers for Africa

Clive Efford visited two local schools last week to collect cut-out teachers that were made by pupils to represent the real ones that they want the government to help provide for school children in Africa.

The visits were organised in response to the Make Poverty History campaign that asked school children make paper cut outs of teachers. Clive went along to collect them and has promised to pass on the messages to Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Clive was invited to Greenacres Primary School and The Newhaven Centre to talk to children about the campaign and answer their questions. Newhaven even gave Clive a full size paper teacher to deliver to Tony Blair.

Clive says, “It was a pleasure to be put on the spot by these young people. The discussions brought home to them the things that we take for granted in countries like our own. They pointed out to me that in some places there may be one teacher for 100 children of all ages and abilities.”

Clive adds, “I am very proud of what our government has achieved internationally to encourage the developed nations of the world to cancel debts and help educate children in the worlds poorest countries. Building on successful campaigns such as Jubilee 2000 led by the churches we have achieved a great deal and intend to do more to assist these countries to do more for themselves. That is the only way to bring about sustainable change.”

Clive will be delivering the cut out teachers to the Prime Minister in the near future.

The picture shows Clive with a class at Greenacres School in Eltham

Clive opens new ball park in Horn Park

Clive Efford opened the Horn Park sports area in Horn Park on Saturday 27 May 2006. Clive says, “This follows on from the Skateboard Park that we opened a few years ago. I believe that we need more of these types of play areas in our recreational parks. The floodlights will allow it to be used in winter.”

Young people often complain of having little to do and few places to play football and other games. They say that they can not use them in the dark and they risk getting their cloths stained playing in grassed areas. Horn Park estate has had problems with large groups of kids hanging around on street corners. Clive adds, “This will not solve all of the problems, but young people now have somewhere to go and at the same time get some healthy exercise.”

Plans are now going ahead with Charlton Athletic to use the new ball park to involve young people in sports activities.

A new young children’s play area has also been built together with a new fence for Horn Park School that backs on to the park.

The accompanying picture shows Clive cutting the ribbon to open the new ball park with Lynsey Richards, a cheerleader and Hannah Morris age 10.

Clive votes against the Government’s Education Bill again

Clive Efford: There is much in the Bill that deserves to be supported and I accept the efforts that have been made by my right hon. Friend the Secretary of State and his team, and their predecessors. However, the Bill provides the opportunity for schools to break away from the school community in a locality. The danger of that is that the local authorities will lose direct control of and influence over those schools. That would mean that the local community would lose influence over those schools. Continue reading